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Many businesses opt for option three which is a search of the premises and the evacuation of the building if a suspicious package or device is found.

Regardless of the response option selected by your company, it is important to have an established plan of action in the event a bomb threat is received. As with all emergency situations, preparation is the key.


If you receive a bomb threat by mail:

  • Save all material received
  • Attempt to handle the package and contents as little as possible to preserve fingerprints, postage marks, etc.
  • Report the threat to police and to Cushman & Wakefield as soon as possible

If you receive a bomb threat by telephone:

  • Never transfer the call
  • Try to remain calm, do not interrupt and listen carefully to the caller's message
  • Obtain as much information as possible
  • Never assume the threat is a hoax
  • Never argue with or ridicule the caller
  • Complete the Bomb Threat Checklist
  • Report the threat to police and to Cushman & Wakefield as soon as the call is complete

When Cushman & Wakefield is notified of the bomb threat, we will:

  • Confirm that the police have been notified
  • Dispatch personnel to the building
  • Notify tenant representatives within the affected building(s)
  • Meet with law enforcement officials
  • Initiate a search of the premises
  • Update tenants as any new information becomes available

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